lftp -u 用户名,密码 FTP主机
lcd /home/test 进入test目录
mirror -R 上传当前目录所有文件至FTP


-c, –continue continue a mirror job if possible
-e, –delete delete files not present at remote site
–delete-first delete old files before transferring new ones
–depth-first descend into subdirectories before transferring files
-s, –allow-suid set suid/sgid bits according to remote site
–allow-chown try to set owner and group on files
–ascii use ascii mode transfers (implies –ignore-size)
–ignore-time ignore time when deciding whether to download
–ignore-size ignore size when deciding whether to download
–only-missing download only missing files
–only-existing download only files already existing at target
-n, –only-newer download only newer files (-c won’t work)
–no-empty-dirs don’t create empty directories (implies –depth-first)
-r, –no-recursion don’t go to subdirectories
–no-symlinks don’t create symbolic links
-p, –no-perms don’t set file permissions
–no-umask don’t apply umask to file modes
-R, –reverse reverse mirror (put files)
-L, –dereference download symbolic links as files
-N, –newer-than=SPEC download only files newer than specified time
–on-change=CMD execute the command if anything has been changed
–older-than=SPEC download only files older than specified time
–size-range=RANGE download only files with size in specified range
-P, –parallel[=N] download N files in parallel
–use-pget[-n=N] use pget to transfer every single file
–loop loop until no changes found
-i RX, –include RX include matching files
-x RX, –exclude RX exclude matching files
-I GP, –include-glob GP include matching files
-X GP, –exclude-glob GP exclude matching files
-v, –verbose[=level] verbose operation
–log=FILE write lftp commands being executed to FILE
–script=FILE write lftp commands to FILE, but don’t execute them
–just-print, –dry-run same as –script=-
–use-cache use cached directory listings
–Remove-source-files remove files after transfer (use with caution)
-a same as –allow-chown –allow-suid –no-umask


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