FFMPEG Toolkit


FFMPEGToolkit is a free and 100% open source software completely written in bash shell script.
The purpose of this script is to build a video streaming platform in your Gnu/Linux server (CentOS 7.*).

So you can start video streaming websites and avoid the cost of installations. This script not only install ffmpeg but also all its friends packages. You can chose this script for building platform for most of the youtube clone softwares like clip-shre, sharemixer,shareigniter,etc,.



semget: No space left on device N次遇到这个问题

This relates to semaphores on your system (you’ve run out). Run the following to clear them out:
ipcs | grep apache | awk ‘{print $2}’ > sem.txt
for i in cat sem.txt; do { ipcrm -s $i; }; done;

If this becomes a common occurance, then you may need to change your ipcs semaphore limits.
Set the following in your /etc/sysctl.conf:
kernel.msgmni = 1024
kernel.sem = 250 256000 32 1024

and reboot your system to load in those values. 继续阅读semget: No space left on device N次遇到这个问题



Expired Weebly Blogs Now Available

Hey everyone,

The expired Twitters & Tumblrs sold well, so I started the hunt for expired Weebly blogs. These were a bit harder to find than the other two, but I ended up finding a decent amount still. It’s first come, first serve.

I also have some non web 2.0 expired domains for PBNs available. These domains are not spam checked until I get a good system down for doing so.

The metrics are the same as usual: TF, CF, DA, PA, EB, RD. Availability and metrics are checked once every 24 hours. Prices are individual, based on the Majestic and Moz metrics. All domains/blogs must be registered after purchase. The URLs are sent instantly to your email upon purchasing.


Expired Tumblr Blogs

NGINX配置文件变更监控 重新载入nginx reload生效 基于MD5的

NGINX配置文件变更监控 重新载入nginx reload生效 基于MD5的

继续阅读NGINX配置文件变更监控 重新载入nginx reload生效 基于MD5的

google 真是到处限制啊

www.BOIP.net 的IP信息图片调用
好好的莫名其妙输出不了图片,debug了下 发现变量timezoneID没值了

因为取时区 所以使用了Google的api
结果发现 这个api是和map地图绑定的


改为写死UTC 就OK了



AZURE Linux ROOT 权限 开启和设置


How to enable root access on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

1. Login via ssh using your sudo user
2. Now login as root user

3. check if root access is set (LOCK means that root access is disabled)

4. enable root access (as root user enter command passwd)

now enter your password and root access is enabled, you can check this by using command “grep root /etc/shadow”



117 million LinkedIn emails and passwords from a 2012 hack just got posted online
TechCrunch “117 million LinkedIn emails and passwords from a 2012 hack just got posted online”

Change your LinkedIn password NOW

Kaspersky “Change your LinkedIn password NOW”

x***videos 开始使用HLS提供高清视频了

We have started to deploy our new video player. The technology used (HLS) is different and more advanced than every other adult site currently. The videos are made of many small pieces (instead of a single big file) to load faster. If the source is good and your connection fast enough the video will be played in HD automatically. Here is an example : Amazing Ass. We are still working on improving the other player functionalites (buttons and behavior) based on your feedback

月访问量那么大 网站和视频载入速度巨快

最最最主要的 养活了好多寄生虫站啊

Allow only CloudFlare CDN IPs

sudo apt-get install ipset
ipset create cf hash:net
#Now populate the set with CloudFlare IP ranges:
for x in $(curl https://www.cloudflare.com/ips-v4); do ipset add cf $x; done
#You can use the 'cf' set now in a iptables rule like so:
iptables -A INPUT -m set --match-set cf src -p tcp -m multiport --dports http,https -j ACCEPT
#Disallow direct connecting to your server IP:
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport http -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport https -j DROP


If someone wants to start an Email Service Provider, then you need:

Server Side:

– PowerMTA as Mail Server with all validations [DMARC, SPF, DKIM, Domainkeys]
– IPs registration in Major ISPs to forward Spam Complaints to your Interspire Installation to prevent decrease your IP Reputation and increase the Inbox ratio
– OS: CentOS 6.x, 64 bits
– IPs: minimum 64 IPs

Frontend Side:

– Interspire Email Marketer
– [Addon] Multithreading: To speed up the sending process
– [Addon] Multiple MTA with IP Monitor: To use all your Virtual MTAs created in PowerMTA
– [Addon] Feedback Loops: To process all the Spam Complaints received and remove from System.

PS: dont use cracked/nulled Interspire Addons. The original addons is available in the original website: maborak dot com

How to setup multiple outgoing IPs in Exim MTA server

Below were the steps made to resolve the above email problem:

1. Login your mail server through ssh or console, if you have physical access.
2. Edit your mailips file located in /etc directory:

sudo vi /etc/mailips
3. Your mailips should look like the format below:

# Domain : IP
# Route specific domain to an IP
seoroot.com :
# All outgoing domain emails to specific IP, except for compromised domains
* :
# All compromised domains
domain1 :
domain2 :

service exim restart
That’s about it! You should have your new mailips in effect already. Do send a test mail and check that you have your email in your inbox.

Feel free to drop me an email/comment below for help and suggestions/tips.