If someone wants to start an Email Service Provider, then you need:

Server Side:

– PowerMTA as Mail Server with all validations [DMARC, SPF, DKIM, Domainkeys]
– IPs registration in Major ISPs to forward Spam Complaints to your Interspire Installation to prevent decrease your IP Reputation and increase the Inbox ratio
– OS: CentOS 6.x, 64 bits
– IPs: minimum 64 IPs

Frontend Side:

– Interspire Email Marketer
– [Addon] Multithreading: To speed up the sending process
– [Addon] Multiple MTA with IP Monitor: To use all your Virtual MTAs created in PowerMTA
– [Addon] Feedback Loops: To process all the Spam Complaints received and remove from System.

PS: dont use cracked/nulled Interspire Addons. The original addons is available in the original website: maborak dot com


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